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How It Works

Cherries analyzes all securities from the major US stock exchanges – NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

Cherries filters out the most speculative securities, checking each stock’s past volatility, average annual returns, and trading volumes.

Every night, Cherries recalculates each stock’s adjusted annual return.

Cherries then calculates covariance - the level of correlation between prices - for more than 100 million stock pairs.

Cherries then constructs all possible virtual portfolios from the database. That comes to hundreds of millions of possibilities.

Cherries' powerful engine then computes each portfolio's risk level.  

The millions of virtual portfolios cover the entire spectrum of risk/return ratios - from the very solid to the highly risky.

Cherries selects the portfolio with the best risk/return ratio that meets user criteria and THAT is the CHERRIES optimal portfolio.

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