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What is Cherries?

Cherries in an innovative platform for the construction of personally optimized stock portfolios. Its cutting-edge algorithms are based on groundbreaking statistical and mathematical models. The algorithms are applied to broad, constantly-updated databases that include extensive information from three major stock exchanges and tens of thousands of securities. The result is Cherries’ ability to craft optimally performing stock portfolios, all based on individual user preferences.


What does Cherries do?

When you use Cherries, you get what is essentially a portfolio draft. You can take this draft and invest through any online trading platform. Or, you can leave it in a drawer and come back in a few years to see what might have been. Cherries allows you to create an infinite number of investment portfolios, at any risk level and investment volume, wherever and whenever you choose. And you can save them all to track over time.


Who is Cherries for?

Cherries is specially designed for curious, independent investors who want to craft the optimal portfolio based only on the most sophisticated mathematically analysis. Whether you have a modest stock portfolio or large, broad-ranging investments, whether you like to pick a path and stick to it or experiment with diversity, whether or not you’re happy with the way your portfolio is managed now, whether you’re risk averse or love some excitement, and whether you’re investing real money or just getting a virtual feel for the market, Cherries is for you.


How does Cherries work?

The Cherries database includes major US stock exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX). This database includes complete data on every single stock traded on these exchanges in the past three years.

Keep in mind, Cherries’ major advantage lies in what it DOESN’T do: it doesn’t trade or take any fees when its advice turns into an active portfolio. In other words, Cherries business is knowledge, not brokerage or commissions.


Who’s behind the Cherries platform?

Cherries was developed by TFI Ltd., which develops a range of advanced financial tools. Takin’s team includes experts in banking, programming, and artificial intelligence. The company holds two American patents: one for a calculation of rates of return and the other for a calculation of the marginal contribution of components that go into financial yields.

About Cherries

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