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What Is Cherries

12 Things to Know About Cherries

Cherries is a cloud-based platform for creating stock portfolios that yield optimal results, using stocks traded on the major US stock exchanges.

Cherries is mathematically and scientifically driven. The platform conducts comprehensive daily analyses of approximately 10,000 stocks, using data that goes back years.

The science is sound.  Cherries is not technical analysis software nor is it mysterious black box optimization. It is based on long researched mathmatical theories and proven models.  

Cherries has no preconceptions, technical or professional. It uses a powerful analysis engine to conduct hundreds of thousands of integrated calculations at record speeds.

No knowledge or experience required. As a user, you don’t need to know the names or symbols for individual stocks. You don’t need to know about different economic sectors and risk levels (volatility), or have any financial background. 

Cherries has got it all covered. Cherries calculates all the possible combinations for creating your optimal stock portfolio and chooses the best ones based on artificial intelligence principles and your personal preferences.

Cherries does not offer stock recommendations, trade, track in real time, or touch your money at all. You can trust that Cherries’ analysis is completely objective and will present you with a portfolio designed for your unique needs and preferences.

Cherries does not makes any money off of the portfolios you design. Our business model is based on subscriptions to the platform. Unlike banks or investment brokers, Cherries is not affected by your performance.

Portfolio creation is in your own hands - and takes 2 minutes. With no assistance at all, any user can build an infinite number of individualized portfolios with any combination of characteristics that can then be purchased through any bank, personal investment advisor or online broker.

Cherries is available anywhere, anytime. The Cherries platform is available 24/7, 365 days a year, from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Risk level is your call. The risk level of each Cherries portfolio is completely dependent on the user who created it, in contrast to traditional investing, where risk levels are decided by experts and investment managers based on their experience and their gut feelings about different stocks and their proportions within the portfolio.

Cherries does scientific analyses to calculate the risk level of each portfolio. This means precise, quantifiable risk that isn’t dependent on the opinion of any expert.  

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